Date Detail window

Date Detail window

You can access the Date Detail window by clicking on a cell in the Calendar View or a row in the Rates List.

This window shows all the information you need to know for a single day.

In the first panel, you can see your rate, your competitive set median rate and what type of room and rate they are.
The panel also shows the comparison between your rate and the median, telling you if it needs attention, could improve or is an excellent rate.
You can also see the market demand in your area expressed as a percentage.


The second panel of the window shows you a table with your rate and the ones from the properties in your competitive set.
The rates are ordered from highest to lowest and every line shows the difference between that rate and yours.


The last panel shows you the events occurring in your area for the selected date.


You can change the date you want to see by clicking on the drop-down menu on the top of the window to open a small calendar or by using the arrow button on the left and right of the date.