Rates List

The Rates List in RateIntelligence is an alternative visualization you can use to check the prices of your properties and those of your competitive set.

The prices are displayed as a list of 31 days, showing the date, your rate, the competitive set median rate, the market demand and the rate score.

By default, the list starts from the current day, but you can change the starting date by using the calendar on the left.


As in the different views in the Calendar menu, you can choose the Room & Rate Type that will be shown on the list.


Next, to the Room & Rate Type drop-down menu, there is another one that allows you to filter the dates so that the list will show only a certain kind of score or market demand.


You have also the options to Refresh rates or Send an Excel report.


As in the Calendar view, you can open the Date Detail window by clicking on a row of the list.

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Rates List