Calendar view

With the calendar view, you have an overview of the prices your property and your competitive set have on

The default view you will see when you log into your account is the Lowest rate available for the next 30 days.

Change period and rate type

You can easily change the period you want to see by using the Date drop-down menu.


You can also change what rates to see by using the Room Rate & Type drop-down menu which will let you select one of the rate types you have set up on the's Extranet.


Information shown in the calendar


Every cell of the calendar represents a day shows you the following information:

  • Your Rate
    This is the rate your property is showing on for the Room Rate & Type you selected.
  • Comp. set average price
    This is the median value of the rates that the properties in your competitive set are showing on for the Room Rate & Type you selected.
    The median is the middle value of a range of values and is different from the average. If you, for example, have the following range of rates "97, 90, 83, 51, 49", the average rate is 74 and the median rate is 81. The system uses the median instead of the average rate because the average may significantly be influenced by extremely low or high rates (which could create a false representation of the market demand).
  • Market demand
    This bar shows you the percentage of the rooms in your local area that have been booked, based on data from
    If there are not enough properties available in the area, the bar will not be visible to not show misleading information.
  • Background color
    The background color of the cell tells you how much the rate of your property differs from the competitive set's median rate.
    The cell will be white either when one of the two rates is missing or when your rate is aligned with the median, yellow where there's a slight difference between the two rates and red when there's a big difference.